Molto Lavoro is presented by high level professionals having considerable experience on the lighting market.


  We are aimed on complex approaches to the lighting projects of different complexity.


    We work with:

         -          Internal lighting;

         -          Interior and decorative lighting;

         -          Industrial lighting;

         -          Emergency lighting;

         -          Façade (architectural) lighting;

         -          Street lighting, including landscape and park lighting.


    We are ready to provide our clients with:

         -          Choice of equipment for any kind of project of different complexity;

         -          Budget optimization based on principals “European quality for competitive price”;

         -          All necessary lighting estimates for internal and external lighting;

         -          Visualization of future project;

         -          Direct supply of the ordered equipment without intermediates;

         -          Technical consultations during installation process.


     We concentrate on the following projects:

        -          Office and administrative buildings including the surrounding area;

        -          Public buildings of various kinds;

        -          Cultural and entertainment centers including the surrounding area;

        -          Retail zones;

        -          Warehouses and industrial buildings;

        -          Multi level parking areas.