Represent Beghelli

Dear Sirs, 

Beghelli is the largest Italian and one of the the first-rate european producers of general-purpose and emergency lighting for office, cultural, trade, public, industrial and sports facilities. 

Beghelli group of companies incorporates production facilities in Italy (Beghelli S.p.A.), Czech Republic (Beghelli-Elplast,a.s.) and Germany (Praezisa Industrieelektronik GmbH), as well as subdivisions engaged in scientific and technical research, marketing and sales. 

More than twenty years of the company experience in the field of emergency lighting systems made it possible to develop and offer our unique emergency luminaries and respective control systems to the customers. 

General-purpose luminaries are notable for European high-quality workmanship, unconventional attractive design and competitive price. 

The widest variety of the lighting fixtures produced by Beghelli allows us to supply our products to practically any type of the building, from technical facilities to VIP areas. You just need to look at our catalogues. At the same time the Beghelli range of products includes both luminaries tailored for restricted-budget customers and the ones high in demands. 

The company has very flexible price policy. Our prices are exceptionally competitive as compared to other reputed producers. Meanwhile, democratic price does not mean low quality. Professional structuring of production process and continuous investments in improvement of our manufacturing capabilities make it possible to produce up to the world standard and keep the prices within necessary limits.